Saturday, May 2, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine---4 CLAWS!!!!!

Comic books that turn into movies can be very difficult but some directors try hard, while some don’t. “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” to me as a movie is pure entertainment. When going deeper into the real origins of the characters, that’s when the problems arise. Continue to read the comics books if you want the full, real story about their beginnings. I am not sure this film is exactly the origin of Wolverine, but it is close (I haven’t read the origin myself). He was always a mutant, and because of love and vengeance (and an assist by "Dr. Military") he becomes an improved mutant!! If you see the movie you will understand why other characters like a young Cyclops are there. A special guest X-Men star is in there too!

What is Good---HUGH JACKMAN!!! That guy is toned and tanned!!! Not only that he is a bad-ass!!! I know that producers want the teen audience, and the movie should be rated R to really show what Wolverine can do, but he does fine for what PG-13 can offer. The action is terrific even if it is mindless. Ryan Reynolds is great as DeadPool, but he isn’t in it long enough!! I hope they do a movie about him. (I don’t know anything about this character, but I will read up!) Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth would not be my first choice but what he lacks in size, he makes up in his performance, as he shows how creepy and evil he is!! Danny Houston (30 Days of Night) is great as Stryker. He's devious, cunning--- that is, a perfect government official!!

What Is Bad---A movie that cost 150 million big ones, with all the special effects, should have been good---and some wasn’t. Mutants come in and out without even a little back-story provided.

Bottom Line---Action hounds, this movie is for you. If you know nothing of X-Men or the trilogy you will still enjoy this movie. If you read comics and know your comics---beware!!


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